The digital assistant

Fully conceived and developed by TeiaCare, Ancelia is the world’s first digital assistant for healthcare facilities. Comprising an optical sensor positioned on the ceiling above the bed, Ancelia has been designed to the highest quality standards, in constant interchange with caregivers who spend their working days in healthcare facilities, and reflects typical Italian attention to detail.

Improved care

Ancelia facilitates the work of caregivers, improving dedicated services and the quality of time spent with each guest.

More privacy

The guest is constantly monitored, no need for random room checks.

Enhanced caregiver confidence

Smart repositioning management and anticipated fall risk provide assurance to caregivers as to the quality of their care.


1. Smart program positionings

The system tracks patient (re)positionings to ensure observance of procedures set forth by medical personnel to reduce risk of bed sores. Professional caregivers are able to optimize their work, keeping perfect track of a guest’s positioning history and making the most efficient use of their time.

2. Reduce risk of falling

Ancelia analyzes guest movements to anticipate risk of falling, alerting the healthcare staff so that they can respond promptly.

3. Detect nocturnal movements and wandering

Ancelia sends an alarm signal when the guest is absent from bed for an abnormally long interval, allowing personnel to check to ensure that the guest is well and not in any risk.


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